Precious Obaze

Imagine waking up to a country of inexhaustible opportunities, where peace and unity is the order of the day. A country where the government is accountable to the people; where corruption and deception is far from the way of life of the politicians.

Imagine a Nigeria flourished with infrastructural facilities, such as good roads, pipe-borne water, uninterrupted power supply, good health facilities (so that we don’t have to travel miles for treatment); a country where the standard of the citizens is taken as a priority. A perfect Nigeria that would be!

I know all these may seem impossible, but as William Arthur Ward said, “if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it”; it has given us sense of belief that our imaginations can truly become a big reality.

The first big step to fulfilling that dream is deciding without being bias a leader that would move our country foward. I know it is hard to trust the mere words, or as it is described, “the manifestos” that are drafted by aspirants because from time immemorial, most of them have failed to keep to their promises after getting their butts on the seat.

Some of them have even devised a means of scaring off willing voters from exercising their franchise, such as rigging the whole electoral process, using the mass media as a weapon to destroy the names of good politicians and going behind the scenes to threaten aspirants so that they can they can step down.

Certainly not, we can’t let evil to continuously prevail in our land. To make a change, we must first be an instrument of change. For crying out loud; our country’s political system has been tagged a garden of unfulfilled promises and upheavels.

Are we going to just sit back and watch undeserving people sit on the seat of leadership?! Or are we going to come out with one voice and say, “Enough is Enough” by choosing the right leaders that are capable of removing the mud-stained political system?

I strongly believe that united will stand and divided we continuously fall; together we can actualize our biggest imagination of one perfect Nigeria.

Precious Obaze is a volunteer at YNAG

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