Adetunji Adeniran

Dear Friends,

Just like you do every year; I also have plans of certain goals that I wish to achieve every new year

In 2021, my team and I would like to facilitate education and enlightenment of voters in Nigeria starting with Lagos State. The main goal of this project is to educate citizens on the importance of voting and participating in elections.

The project is tagged #WhenWeAllVote and will be entirely managed by YNAG. a non-partisan, volunteer-driven organization that I founded in 2017.

About me

In 2013, when I was sponsored to an international conference in Germany by a major airline company in Nigeria, I came back and decided that I needed to help as many other young people in Nigeria to access such opportunities that I had. This was why I founded Hopefield Network in 2013 as a social enterprise to create platforms for young people (17-30 years) to access opportunities and build a volunteer driven network. We started with just five volunteers and have grown over the years to more than 120 volunteers across the country. The network has facilitated several webinars connecting members to international opportunities including scholarships, conferences, competitions etc.

A big thank you to members and volunteers of the Network who have made it a global platform as it is today.

In 2016, we planned to expand the scope of Hopefield Network and get more young people like myself to have a deeper understanding of our governance and democratic structure and processes in Nigeria through an action-based civic education program. This led to the creation of YNAG as it is known today. YNAG has grown from a local organization founded on Obafemi Awolowo University campus to a African centric innovation hub.

In 2018, we deepened our scope of operation in YNAG through collaborations and partnerships with organizations in developed countries. The collaborations helped us to take learning from developed democracies and reapply the principles in Nigeria.

We partnered with Generation Citizen, America’s foremost civics education organization, to lead Global Network for Youth Action. The global network is a coalition of 20 civic organization across Africa, India and the Middle East. This opportunity gave us access to resources to learn more about governance and civic leadership for Africa and other developing countries.

In 2020 despite covid-19 pandemic and restrictions, we collaborated with SNF Agora Institute, Johns Hopkins University to convene the first global conference on Youth Activism. The aftermath of the conference led to the establishment of Democracy Moves

All these would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of people like YOU.

In 2021, I will be leading the YNAG team to setup a voter education framework that aims at reducing voter apathy and encourage more professionals to participate at various capacities in our democracy. This project is partially funded by Democracy Moves with support from Johns Hopkins University. Further details of the plan can be viewed here.

We will always count on your advice, encouragement and guidance as we progress.

For donations, please click this link.

Yours sincerely,

 Adetunji Adeniran

Chief Executive, YNAG, 


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